K-pop is the abbreviation for Korean Pop. It had its first break in 2009 with Girl’s Generation’s ‘Nobody’. Ever since then, Hallyu, The Korean Wave kept on growing. In K-pop, dancing is a must have.

Whereas dancing is common in many songs, K-pop’s choreography usually includes the ‘Point Dance’. ‘Point dance’ refers to a choreography where a certain movements that matches the lyrics of the song repeats multiple times. Although ‘Point Dance’ may seem like it is easy to choreograph, it is actually not. This is because that particular movement or choreograph must be simple and catchy enough for fans to learn and dance along. A few examples of K-pop which became a world phenomenon is PSY’s ‘Oppa Gangnam Style‘, ‘Daddy‘ , Super Juniors’ ‘Sorry Sorry‘ and BlackPINK’s ‘DuDuDu‘.

Source: What is K-Pop?