Zapin (Malay)

Zapin is one of Malay famous traditional dance. There are a few types of Zapin which are differentiated by the movement and the style of dance. Dances such as Zapin Api, Zapin Pulau, Zabin Johor and etc. are not just in Malaysia, it is also popular in other country especially Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore. Zapin…

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BHARATANATYAM Bharatanatyam is one of the most famous Indian traditional dance. It originated from the southern state of Tamil Nadu. This dance can be performed by both female and male dancers. Generally, the dance is based on Adavu (steps) and Hasthamudra (hand gesture). There are a total of 64 basic steps.  The dance itself is…

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Lion Dance (Chinese)

According to legends, a myth creature known as Nian terrorized China and “eats” its people on New Year eve. There is only one animal that can wound the beast which is a Lion! Because of that, the villagers decided to mimic the lion’s movements and dance in a lion costume made of cloth. This dance…

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Ngajat (Iban)

The Iban Traditional dance is called “Ngajat” and it has been passed down for generations. The dance came from Sarawak Borneo Island, west Malaysia. The legend said the dance is believed to have been performed by warriors on their return home from battles. Nowadays, the dance is mostly performed for festivals such as Gawai Dayak,…

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Sumazau (Kadazan)

Sumazau is a traditional dance from Sabah. Sabah is in east Malaysia and Sumazau is very popular in the country. The dance performance is usually in pairs that consists males and females. The number of pairs varies. This dance is from a Kadazandusun tribe and it is commonly performed in any festival in Sabah. The…

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