Waacking started off in the 1970’s during the disco era. Its rather interesting because waacking was created in a gay club. At that time, LGBT were not accepted in the society. But in a gay club, these people can freely express themselves. So the few key things about waacking is that it must represent an…

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Locking is basically a dance where a series of fast movements suddenly comes to a stop, we call this the ‘lock’ because the dancer locks his body in that certain position. Locking is considered a very happy dance and it contains a lot of audience interactions. But over the years, different styles of locking has…

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B-Boy / Breaking

B-boying or Breaking is also known as Breakdancing. This was after the promotion of mainstream media because initially it was b-boying was used in break beats for the singer to rest. Rhythm breaks are music that goes in loop and dancers would go and showcase their skills during the break. Breaking mainly consists of 4…

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Popping started in the late 1960’s and 70’s. The history of popping is complicated because different OG’s( Old Generation) Poppers have different views and interpretations of that story depending on their circles of influence and regions. Popping can be recognized when dancers quickly contract and relax their muscles to create a jerking effect, we call…

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In the 1970’s, Hip-Hop music was introduced by Afrika Bambataa from the South Bronx. Hip-Hop music started off with the element of turntablism where sounds are manipulated to create music. After that, the element of rapping was added in by MC’s. Many styles of dancing are considered under Hip-Hop. These styles include Krumping, Breaking, Popping,…

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